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Transforming individuals into talented tech teams

Published: October 2, 2018

Cornwall College Camborne

Three teams of lucky students in Cornwall have put their creative skills to the test, in a fast paced robot challenge.

New Games Design students at Cornwall College Camborne were challenged to create transforming outfits using cardboard.

Matthew Fiol-Warner, Tutor Games Design, at the College said the induction week challenge was “all about finding your feet and making new friends”.

“We think one of the best ways to do this is by getting our students to work together for a collective goal,” he continued.

“So, we created the Super Awesome Robot Challenge, which gets our Level 3 Games Design students to think creatively to overcome a series of barriers, something which they will face when tasked with designing any type of game.”

The challenge stipulated that all robots had to have someone inside them and included having to demonstrate its transforming capabilities, as well as taking part in several obstacle races all marked by a panel of judges.

Cade Cole, Level 3 Games Design Student said everyone had a great time creating the robots.

“It’s been a really cool way to get to know everyone in the group and it’s allowed us to demonstrate our own interests and strengths,” he continued.

“I’m really looking forward to the next twelve months, everyone is so friendly and it’s been a great learning exercise and ice-breaker.”

Matthew said the entire curriculum of the course had been changed, including the introduction of a project related tool kit.

“This helps focus our students on what they need to do, by when and which also sets out the next task to be completed,” he explained.

“We have a great progression route here and offer our students courses up to degree level, so they can stay in Cornwall and not have to worry about things like accommodation or accruing large student debts.

“Past students have started their own agencies, some have received recognition from PlayStation experts and others have joined famous design houses.  Games design is the fastest growing industry in the UK with some games making millions in revenue”.

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