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Superstars in South of France make for ‘best trip ever’

Published: June 28, 2017

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Will Smith, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Kidman were just three of the reasons that an educational expedition to France has been described as “the best trip ever”.

Students from Cornwall travelled to the South of France to watch preparations for the Monaco Grand Prix as well as the Cannes Film Festival.

It was part of a trip organised for Event Management students at Eden Project Learning, the education programme delivered by Cornwall College in the stunning grounds of the Eden Project.

Claire Houghton, who had been doing a forensic science course before realising she preferred setting up forensic science events more than the science itself, said it was “the best trip ever”.

“The weather was gorgeous, the hotel was lovely and we got to see celebrities on the red carpet including Will Smith, Nicole Kidman and David Lynch,” Claire explained.

“Before the Grand Prix, I spotted McClaren and Ferrari trucks and started chatting to the drivers and told them we were from Cornwall. One of the truck drivers said “come with me” and took us to a little bar by all of the superyachts in Monaco harbour. Then Lewis Hamilton came out and started signing autographs for us. We then were given the chance to watch the pit crew team practice, which was incredible.”

But there was a serious point to the trip, which was to understand the level of planning and detail in execution that is needed for impeccable event management, according to Claire.

“The whole city is behind the preparations for these events and it highlighted how you need an exceptional team and everyone has to put their all in,” Claire continued.

“Everything was so well oiled and everyone know what was going on thanks to fantastic communication. Everyone from the shopkeepers to the hoteliers knew all the times of everything.”

Gail Angove, Programme Lead on the FdA Event Management said with increasing globalisation and internationalisation, “it is vital for students to expand their worldview”.

“Employers value not just a students’ grades, but also their wider curriculum, including participation in societies, voluntary work and study trips abroad,” she continued.

“All these opportunities are promoted on the FdA in Event Management delivered at the Eden Project as part of Eden Project Learning. Our students expand their horizons with the international fieldwork visit to the Cote d’Azur and it helps build confidence, understand different cultures and get to grips with industry standards.”

Students studying on the Event Management course plan and deliver real, live events and learn to work collaboratively developing the skills required for a career in the event Industry.

For more information on event management courses please contact 0330 123 2523 or email enquiries@cornwall.ac.uk


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