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Students thank National Trust with day of volunteering

Published: April 9, 2018

Duchy College Duchy Stoke Climsland 16-18

Students from Cornwall and Devon have been volunteering at National Trust venue Anthony House to help clear the grounds.

Level 2 and 3 Adventure Sport students from Duchy College did the day of volunteering as a thank you for allowing them to camp at the property during their last expedition.

Level 3 BTEC Adventure Sport student, Emma Kirby, said it was a great “location to camp, on the beach at Antony House, during our expedition”.

“We were able to help out during the following week with general maintenance and clearance work,” she continued.

“We really enjoyed spending the day there and were able to learn some new skills.”

Outdoor Education Programme Leader at Antony House, Brian Langley, said, he met all the students on the overnight expedition and was “as always impressed with their enthusiasm and communication during the visit”.

“In the morning after they had departed not a trace was left of them having been here which I believe is all part of their activity,” he explained.

“On their volunteer day they thinned out lots of sycamore and ash to be used as den building poles for our school groups and then assisted in moving loads of mushroom compost to be used on our flower beds as a mulch. Both tasks helped us out immensely and I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank them again.”

Team Lead for Sport and Outdoor Adventure, Darren Evans, said the students on the Adventure Sport courses at Duchy College “take part in regular expeditions throughout the year and it gives them an excellent chance to put skills into practice”.

“The students are also able to use this time to work on skills for National Governing Body qualification with the aim of becoming more employable at the end of their course,” he added.

Students spend two days a week doing practical activity throughout the year, these activities include kayaking, climbing, canoeing, coasteering, surfing and mounting biking.


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