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Students nail one stroke technique at masterclass

Published: July 21, 2017

Cornwall College Camborne

An international award-winning nail business has been teaching the next generation of nail artists the latest techniques at a special demonstration.

Owners of Newquay-based Clarissa Nails, Liliya Parpulova and Teodora Darnell, came to Cornwall College Camborne to give a demonstration on one stroke a technique they use to win competitions across the globe.

“I have been doing nails for ten years and my sister, Teodora, has been doing them for five,” Liliya explained.

“In Bulgaria everyone likes designs, the crazier the better, but when I moved to England everyone just wanted one colour which is very boring. It took quite a lot to persuade people to try the designs and at first they can be very specific about what they want. But you are the one doing it, you know what looks good and once they see it, they don’t complain.”

Hannah Smith, a student on the Level 3 nail course said the masterclass was “absolutely awesome”.

“It gives you something to work towards and I spoke to them after about the possibility of training,” she continued.

“It made me want to go away and practice and hopefully be that good in the future.”

Lisa Bland, Lecturer on the Beauty and Nail Courses at Cornwall College Camborne, said it was a great opportunity for the students “to learn from the best”.

“They can take these skills into the industry and know that these are the best practices being used in the industry now and that the market is demanding,” she continued.

“All the students that watch were really excited, especially the Level 2s who will be developing these skills further next year. The technique shown today is a much more financially viable option that the girls could start using tomorrow.”

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