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Students gain first-hand knowledge from alumni

Published: December 4, 2018

Duchy College Duchy Stoke Climsland

A group of local students from Cornwall and Devon have gained first-hand knowledge of life as part of the Coldstream Guards from a former student.

Former Military and Protective Services student from Duchy College, Stephen Kirby, has joined the Coldstream Guards after completing the 28 week Combat Infantryman’s Course (CIC).

Stephen, who lives in Bere Alston and formally went to Tavistock College, came back to his former college to discuss his experiences with the current Military and Protective Services students. He spoke about the recent 6 week exercise in Kenya he undertook and how he is currently on ceremonial duties including the Tower of London, Windsor and Buckingham Palace.

Stephen brought in his ceremonial uniform including his red tunic and bearskin.

“The course really helped from building up my confidence, to helping me achieve a high grade at selection, it was great to come back and speak to existing students, “Stephen said.

“The course really gave me a better understand of what to expect during training,” Stephen continued.

“If anyone wishes to join the Armed Forces I would definitely recommend joining the Duchy College Military and Protective Services course.”

Level 2 Military and Protective Services student, Zach Richards, said Stephen “gave us a really good insight into the Coldstream Guards, what they do and what training is like.”

“As Stephen was a student here it highlighted to us how much of a difference the course can make and how much it helps us with our career goal. 

Military and Protective Services Programme Manager, Jon Stone, said it is always “good to see the students return and talk about their careers.”

“It gives the current cohort the opportunity to see the reality of what the course offers and how it relates to their career path.”

“Stephen worked really well throughout the course and has achieved his career goal through hard work and motivation.”



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