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Students face real life military scenario training

Published: May 29, 2018

Duchy College Duchy Stoke Climsland

Local students have been challenged in a range of real-life military training scenarios.

Military Academy students at Duchy College completed their final training exercise which tested their skills and drills.

The College became the fictional town of Duchy-On-Stoke, where Public Service students took on the role of the police and Military Academy students took on the role of the role of the Armed Forces supporting the police in a Counter-Insurgency (COIN) operation to deal with an insurgent group.

The students had to deal with a whole range of realistic scenarios from crime scenes, searches, vehicle check points, casualties, intelligence gathering, communication, observation posts, patrols, arrests, planning, command and control and public order.

For the students the exercise went “live” at midnight on Monday and finished at 1000hrs on Friday. They rotated through a system of guard, quick reaction force (QRF), patrols and rest. The Public Service students worked 12 hour day or night shifts as the emergency services.

Level 3 student, Tom Golding, said the exercise was “tough and required a lot of hard work but I have learnt so much.”

“It really pushed me and helped me to see how all the elements work together. It has made me more determined to join the forces.”

“It was a real insight into what they have to do.”

Level 3 student, Owen Martin, agreed saying the exercise “was a great experience for us all.”

“It helped develop skills previously taught but allowed us to learn new skills needed.”

“Although we were all shattered it was still a great experience.”

Level 2 student, Megan Gomm, said it was a “fantastic week.”

“It showed how much I could push myself under the stress and heat and it also proved how much I knew.”

Course Manager for Military Academy at Duchy College, Jon Stone, said the exercise “brings together a lot of the skills that the students have been taught and tests them in a realistic environment.”

“It prepares them for the sort of things that they will encounter on operations with the Military and the police.”

“The students have really stepped up and worked hard on a very challenging week.”

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