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A pheasant day for a shoot

Published: December 4, 2017

Duchy College Duchy Stoke Climsland

Gamekeeping students in Cornwall have celebrated the success of their pheasant shoot, organised as part of their qualifications.


The students from Duchy College near Stoke Climsland had to prepare and run the shoot, deciding what drives would be used, organising the guns, beaters and the vehicles and how to involve all the students from Level 2 and both Level 3 years.


Experienced guns arrived and were briefed on the morning programme. The College have two pens which make up four to six drives with four drives planned for the morning’s shoot programme.


The first drive was Whiteford, where there were plenty of pheasants and pigeons seen and seven pheasant were shot.  The next drives were at Quarry, really good birds were displayed here with three shot.


Gamekeeping student, Conor Raffe, said it was great to be “involved in every aspect of the day from looking after the birds in the pens and costing the event to learning how to promote and organise the day”.


The students were assessed running the whole shoot process from placing the guns, running the beaters line and picking up the shot game.


Gamekeeping Course Manager, Pete Walters, said it was “a really important part of the course”.


“It allows the students to put theory into practice and they have all done a great job and the experienced guns had a very enjoyable day.”


At the end of the morning the students have to complete the gamekeepers task of checking the guns have had a good day, brace the birds and make sure the shooting area is returned back to normal.


Conor added “It’s really satisfying when the event goes really well”.

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