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Parrot Ollie teaches students the importance of birds.

Published: November 6, 2017

Duchy College Rosewarne Animal Care

Students in Cornwall have been getting an in-depth look at how to keep parrots.

Ollie, the Moluccan Cockatoo, and his zookeeper Sarah-Jayne Cooke visited the vet nursing students at Duchy College Rosewarne to give the students a greater insight into the common  welfare issues of keeping parrots in captivity.

Sarah-Jayne Cooke , Zookeeper and Trainer at Paradise Park, said “This talk was about parrots their health, their wellbeing and how to look after them in captivity”.

“It’s important to provide this information to people as there is not a huge amount of information about this but parrots are quite a common pet and something the students are likely to come across in their veterinary practices”, she continued.

“By informing people of how amazing parrots are and what they really do need  to look after them, people who do have parrots will gain the experience and the knowledge to look after their parrots properly so they can have a full and healthy life.”

Parrots have been shown to have the logical reasoning that children don’t gain until 4 or 5 and some have life spans of eighty to a hundred years.

Patrice Hassle, from St Agnes, a student on the Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing, said “I haven’t come across many birds in my practice so this would be the first time I’ve handled one”

“The talk was very informative and I’ve learnt a lot”

Nicky Penrose, Lecturer on the Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing, explained “This is part of their care and rehabilitation module, which is about rescued and abandoned animals and how to rescue and rehabilitate them.”

“This particular one is to do with parrots that may need to be rehomed for any particular reason. They will come across parrots in practice and this will help them with how to handle them and how to advise the owners”, she continued.

“It’s great to be able to utilise our strong links with industry to facilitate these talks which can help to inform, broaden and deepen the students’ knowledge.”

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