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Military Academy students test navigation skills

Published: April 10, 2018

Duchy College Duchy Stoke Climsland 16-18

A group of students from Devon and Cornwall have been putting their navigation skills to test on Dartmoor.          

Military Academy students from Duchy College started the week with classroom work to get the basics before progressing onto practical outdoor lessons. The week culminated in an all-day navigation on Dartmoor and, for the Level 3 students, a night navigation.

For the night navigation the students planned their route cards and safety plans, including packing Bergans. After the planning in their groups they then set off in the dark with a member of staff monitoring them from a distance.

Military Academy student, Christian Davies, said the navigation week was a “fantastic experience”.

“We found it challenging but together we all got through it. Our lecturer taught us everything step by step and slowly everyone picked up the practical skills,” he continued.

“We learnt about bearings, compasses, maps, how to react when facing different situations, pacing and many more key navigational techniques. When everyone worked together and our night navigation went accordingly it really was a great feeling of achievement successfully navigating over Dartmoor while going tactical at the same time.”

Military Academy student, Robert Langton, agreed saying the time spent on both Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor was a “great opportunity to put into practice the skills we had learnt in the classroom”.

“When on Dartmoor the weather changed on us a lot which made it a challenge.”

Military Academy Programme Manager, Jon Stone, said navigation week is always challenging and a great opportunity to see the students develop their skills and confidence.

“The night navigation exercise is a real test of their capability and really gives the learners confidence,” he added.


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