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Matching the Rickshaw Challenge Mile for Mile

Published: November 15, 2017

Cornwall College Camborne

More than 25 college staff have taken part in a gruelling cycling and rowing marathon to raise money for BBC’s Children in Need.

Matching the distance covered by the official Rickshaw Challenge team, the challengers from Cornwall College are on a constant programme of activity in two locations on their Camborne campus reaching an average distance travelled of 111 miles a day.

Organiser Catherine Elliss, Customer Services Assistant, Cornwall College said, “I really wanted to get involved in this year’s challenge and thought how great it would be to ask all my colleagues to take part too.  I initially suggested the idea in the office and within minutes all of the slots were taken, I was really surprised by the support the plan received”.

To help match the distance covered by the official Rickshaw Challenge team, two activities occur simultaneously, with charity raisers alternating between cycling and rowing during office hours for the whole week.

Emma Hoskins, participant added, “We’ve had so much fun helping to raise this money, everyone has been up for the challenge and there’s a real buzz in the office about who’s travelled more miles in their allotted time.  It has been tiring but we all managed it and there is a great sense of achievement”.

Catherine concluded, “I’m so impressed with the amount of dedication everyone has shown, it’s not been easy fitting in all of the exercise with our day jobs, but we’ve managed it and it’s for a fantastic cause.

“We have nearly reached our initial target of £500 so a huge thanks to everyone who is donating. Our new target is now £1000 and we shall keep going to reach this within our challenge time. Children in Need is such a worthy charity and we have all been honoured to have been involved in the 2017 challenge”.

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