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Former cookery student gets taste for travel

Published: July 30, 2019

Cornwall College Saltash

A former Professional Cookery student is expanding his horizons travelling the world whilst learning about different cuisines.

Ollie Davey, who studied at Cornwall College Saltash, suffered from anxiety as a youngster, but gradually found ways of managing it.

“Then I decided I wanted to push myself and do something different,” he explained.

“In 2016 I booked a one way flight to Fiji and decided I wanted to travel the world and cook.

“During my first couple of years travelling I spent four months in Fiji, two years in Australia and then two months in New Zealand. I met so many people along the way and thoroughly enjoyed it. It will be great to head back to New Zealand.”

In Australia Ollie worked in a fine dining restaurant, learning about the culture while working with chefs from around the world.

“It is such an asset to now have these contacts and one evening I cooked for Rafal Nadal!”

After New Zealand Ollie is contemplating travelling around Canada or Japan.

“I just think it would be amazing to learn more about Asian culture,” Ollie explained.

Ollie’s next trip is a return to New Zealand.

“I can’t wait,” Ollie explained, “travelling has 100% changed who I am, it has made me more confident and just developed me as a person, especially my humour.”

Ollie’s aim is to be a head chef having been inspired by his supportive family, particularly his mum who did a lot of cooking and then his school experiences.

“It’s now a real passion of mine,” he explained.

“I still have times of being anxious but I deal with it naturally. I just remind myself all these experiences are there to be enjoyed. The most important thing is to have fun.”

Travelling solo is a huge challenge, according to ollie, but it is challenges that develop you as a person.

“I have learnt to always keep trying, to become a better chef you have to make mistakes,” he said.

“There is always pressure in the kitchen, it is fine to feel that pressure but use it in a positive way to motivate you.”

Ollie also praised his time at Cornwall College Saltash.

“The support I received from the lecturers was second to none and I would absolutely recommend the Professional Cookery course to other students,” he said.

“It is great to see how the offer is expanding and the opportunities the new restaurant, Dynnargh, is creating for the current students.”

Curriculum Lead for Professional Cookery at Cornwall College Saltash, Chris Penk, said “we are thoroughly proud of what Ollie has achieved since completing his studies ”.

“To see him using the skills he has learnt with us whilst travelling the world is fantastic. He has an amazing future ahead of him and we look forward to hearing about his latest ventures.”

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