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College exhibition showcases artistic talent

Published: July 10, 2017

St Austell FE

An impressive end-of-year art and design exhibition has been praised for highlighting the wealth of up-and-coming creative talent in the county.

Representing a range of creative disciplines taught at Cornwall College St Austell, the A-Level students exhibited their work as part of a final show as a celebration of their artistic achievements during their time at the College.

The final pieces on display were the culmination of two years hard work, tracking the students’ development from an initial concept right through to a realised piece of art.

Trudi Port, who lectures in Fine Art and Graphic Design at Cornwall College, said she couldn’t be prouder of her students’ accomplishments.

“The end of year exhibition is an excellent showcase of our students’ art work, ranging from fine art to textiles and graphic design,” she explained.

“There is a wonderful variety on display which shows the high standard that they reach during their time at Cornwall College. Over the two years, students invest an enormous amount of time in the coursework and in depth study of a subject in preparation for their final exam. What’s especially interesting about the final exhibition is that you can see the development from an initial idea, through the planning and development stages to a finished product that creatively expresses something about the world from their unique point of view.”

Visitors to the exhibition were treated to contemporary interpretations of classic still life using modern elements of our disposable consumerist society, an immersive hand-painted installation piece, which guided the spectator through a virtual street scene, and pieces reflecting on the current political landscape.

A-Level art student Mollie Gregory-Clark exhibited her paintings as part of the show and said her work is “inspired by nature”.

“It’s about how the colours transition through the seasons, especially how it’s bold and contrasting, much more than you would think,” she continued.

“There are a lot more contrasting colours and different tones than what you’d initially see. I’ve really enjoyed the art course at the college, it’s given me the chance to find out what I really wanted to explore in so much detail. I’ve always been drawn to nature for inspiration for my water colours but now I’m planning to explore different forms of media over the summer before going off to Plymouth University later in the year.”

For more information on the range of Art & Design courses available across The Cornwall College Group, please visit www.cornwall.ac.uk or call 0330 123 2523.


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