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Army Reserves use Top Facility to Enhance Training

Published: August 30, 2018

This summer reserve engineers from 101 Theatre Support Battalion REME headed for Cornwall to deploy for their annual training camp to enhance their automotive and electrical knowledge.

The two week camp gives the engineers dedicated time to learn new skills, which may be needed on exercise or operational duties.

Exercise Commander Captain Neil Atkinson said, “101 Theatre Support Battalion REME is a reserve Battalion which is headquartered from Keynsham in Bristol. Every year we are tasked with arranging an annual summer camp, where REME soldiers have to complete trade training in order to carry out their duties effectively within the reserve forces and in order to be considered for promotion.

Over the past two weeks the engineers, who are from all over the UK, have been staying at RAF St Mawgan, with their trade training taking place at the Cornwall College Camborne campus.

Neil continued, “We chose Cornwall College as they have an excellent automotive training facility already in place and an excellent reputation.  The work bays easily accommodated our needs and there was sufficient space to have several sessions taking place at the same time.”

The engineers were tasked with completing their class 4 initial trade training and their Class 3 progression training. This included things like bench fitting techniques, engine technology, transmission and electrical tasks; with sessions delivered by senior qualified reserve soldiers.

Craftsman Midgely whose normal day job is a nurse but who wanted to do something completely different and decided to join REME added, “I am currently training to become a mechanic and I’m here so that I can progress and learn new skills, essential for my role.

“The facilities here are great, there’s everything we need to help us develop trade knowledge and it’s been really beneficial to come down here and utilise these amazing facilities.”

Neil concluded, “We have had a very enjoyable and productive camp and we thank Cornwall College for hosting us.  Having both light vehicle and heavy vehicle workshops has allowed us to carry out some valuable training on a variety of army vehicles.

It has also given us the opportunity for qualified tradesmen to share their knowledge and experience whilst honing their instructional techniques.”

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