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Engineering Technologies Diploma

Level 3 • Part-time • Engineering department

Are you interested in motor boats, sailing yachts or ships, for pleasure or for business? Can you see yourself working in the marine industry, do you know how diverse the employment opportunities offered by this industry are. Do you see yourself as a skilled technician, a team leader, a senior manager or the owner of a boat yard? Falmouth Marine School has been introducing students into the marine industry since 1920. Our current students study a range of practical courses from boat handling, construction and system maintenance through to the highly academic studies in marine science. If your aspirations are for a more senior engineering role, then this course is for you. This Engineering diploma sits neatly between the Marine Technical Certificates that we deliver at Falmouth Marine School and Higher Education. It will enable you to develop those skills that the owner of a marine business would expect from its key members of staff. Employees who can solve problems and developing new solutions are essential for a business to grow. Our lecturers have many years of experience within the marine industry, and who have continued to liaise with marine businesses in Falmouth and beyond. By their very nature, engineering skills are transportable between industries, which can often leave a student unsure of marine applications of various systems. Our lecturers are able to give practical insights and examples of relevant marine applications. You will be working alongside students with similar interests and interacting with cohorts studying different aspects of the marine industry. This environment enables all the students in the college to become familiar with the multiple facets of the marine industry. Leading to a valuable depth of knowledge well beyond, but closely linked, to their own particular area of growing expertise.

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