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Oxy-Fuel Gas Competence Training & Inspection

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This mainly practical course focuses on the essential knowledge and skills required when operating Oxy-Fuel Gas Equipment. This training enables the candidate to comply with legal obligations and current codes of practice.

This course is for those individuals that use compressed gases for welding, cutting and similar processes. Oxy/Fuel equipment should only be used by those who have had adequate training.

Upon meeting the criteria, after attending this course you will be able to operate Oxy-Fuel gas equipment safely and competently.



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You’ll learn:

  • The legal obligations of owners and users-
  1. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
  2. BCGA Code of Practice CP7
  3. Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000
  • The principles and hazards of Oxy-Fuel gas cutting and welding
  • Introduction to Industrial Gases – Oxygen, Acetylene, Propane
  • Components, Storage, Handling and Transportation
  • Oxy-Fuel gas workstations and practical inspection procedures towards BCGA Code of Practice 7, Fault reporting
  • The correct sequence of Setting up, Leak detection procedures, Lighting up, Flame set recognition, Operating and Shutting down of the Oxy-Fuel gas equipment
  • Workstation and Underpinning Knowledge tests
  • Practical gas cutting exercises


  • Practical inspection and assessment
  • Knowledge assessment

You’ll go on to:

Practical gas cutting exercises.


Land-based Engineering & Technology


Oxy-Fuel Gas Competence Training & Inspection

Start Date

This course is offered throughout the year, please contact us for the latest start dates.


St Austell


1 - 1.5 days

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