Craft Masonry Diploma Level 2

Cornwall College Camborne LEVEL: 2 Construction

This very specialist Level 2 diploma is essential if you want to work in building construction in the Southwest. Craft masonry is similar to bricklaying, but also provides more comprehensive training in plastering and roofing and working with a broader range of materials.

To work on a construction site you need to have a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) card, which covers essential health and safety, however if you wish to earn more than a labourer, gaining a technical skills qualification will provide you with a great start to a career. You can train full-time with us for up to three years with the option to move in to an apprenticeship at any time. We also offer a Level 1 qualification to get you started if you do not meet these entry requirements.


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Ideal if:

You would like to gain the specialist skills needed for working in building construction and progress onto our Level 3 course.

You’ll learn:

A craft masonry qualification offers much more specialist skills that are relevant to the materials used in the region and such a qualification will make you stand out from the crowd. The course will cover practical and theoretical study of how to interpret working drawings, setting out masonry structures, building solid and cavity walls to form craft masonry structures, producing internal and external finishes, installing pitched roof systems.


To gain specialist skills via theory and practical sessions.

You’ll love:

The industry focus from our qualified masonry lecturers, equipping you for a successful career in construction.

There is currently a shortage of homes in the UK and as such house builders are busier than ever.




Craft Masonry Diploma

Start Date

September 2019




1 year

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