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World Host Principles of Customer Service People First

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Benefits to you:

World Host™ training has been used to train over one million people worldwide. You will gain the customer service skills required to make you strongly stand out from the competition. You will cover essential areas within customer service such as communication skills, first impressions, empathy and the value of tourism.

Benefits to your business:

This training is widely recognised as the leading global destination for visitor welcome and provides a gold standard in training for businesses that rely on day-to-day interaction with customers for success.

This training is modern, interactive and energetic and will help your employees learn and remember the basic principles of great customer service. Using a mixture of activities, scenarios and discussions, your employees will gain the skills they need to make your business stand out from your competition.


The World Host™ Principles of Customer Service programme will give your front line staff the skills and knowledge to deliver excellent customer service that will give your business a great reputation.

You will cover:

  • Why customer service is such an important part of the individual role and to the organisation
  • How to make an excellent first impression and make customers feel welcome
  • How to build rapport – using customers’ names can help to create a good rapport, tips and techniques for remembering names
  • Communication skills for success – including verbal and non-verbal
  • How to empathise with customers, and why handling their concerns is so important
  • Why listening is an essential part of the customer service process, and how to do it effectively
  • The value of tourism, and the important role they play in generating revenue for the business and the wider economy
  • How to ‘go the extra mile’ by adding value to the visitor/guest experience – including making five commitments on how they will do this in the business


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World Host Principles of Customer Service People First

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1 day course

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