A-level Film Studies

Cornwall College St Austell LEVEL: 3 A-levels

The aim of this course is to use this important medium as a way of understanding how we respond to our modern world. It is no exaggeration to say that today most of the information we get comes from moving-image broadcasts, whether on the internet or TV, and film was the originator of this form. Therefore, understanding how film works as a visual language, how it engages our emotions rather than our brains, when communicating its meanings, is vital if we are to keep up with our modern society.

A-level Film Studies seeks to do this through the study of a number of film topics and movements,encompassing mainstream Hollywood and independent/experimental,English-speaking and foreign-language,contemporary and classic. There is also a significant coursework component, enabling students to put their learning into practice by either making a short film or completing the screenplay and photo-storyboard for it.



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You’ll need:

At least five GCSEs at grade C or grade 5, or above, including English and mathematics and at least a grade B or grade 6 or 7, in a relevant subject.


Small group sizes, outstanding staff and close tutorial support.

You’ll love:

Putting your learning into practice by either making a short film or completing the screenplay and photo-storyboard for it.

You’ll go on to:

There are now a considerable number of courses available at university in Film and related subjects, plus the opportunity to combine it with other subjects,so the possibility of continuing study in this area is very large.
Also, as a classically academic humanities subject, Film offers the same valued and recognised transferrable skills as other core humanities such as English and History.

Many former students have successfully completed degrees in this subject and several are now working in the industry or pursuing post-graduate study. Some examples include one working for a major media company and splitting her time between their offices in Manchester and Amsterdam and one teaching creative writing at a large college and another who was head of marketing for the Hall for Cornwall and now does similar work in London.
Film Studies can lead to careers in Journalism, Marketing, Advertising or Public Relations.



A-level Film Studies

Start Date

September 2019


St Austell


2 years

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