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Plumbing Studies Diploma Level 3

Cornwall College | Cornwall College Business Saltash Area LEVEL: 3 Construction

This advanced one-year programme will take your understanding and skills to a level where you will be capable of working independently in the plumbing sector.

Often called upon in an emergency, if you can fix a leaking pipe, mend a broken toilet, or repair a central heating system, you will be hailed a hero. An experienced plumber should have the ability to work in a variety of different environments and during your time with us we will teach you the practical, hands-on skills and industry legislation to enable you to do this, either as an employee or running your own business.

We offer both full-time study and apprenticeship options for you to train to be a professional plumber. If choosing the full-time route you must complete the Level 2 and 3 qualifications, which will take two years. We also offer a Level 1 introductory year if you do not have the required grades to start at Level 2.



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Ideal if:

You would like to pursue a career in the plumbing sector.

You’ll need:

GCSE English and mathematics at grade 5, and a relevant Level 2 qualification, or industry experience.

You’ll learn:

There is a wide range of assessments throughout, including coursework, written examinations and practical skills tests to put your knowledge to the test and ensure you are ready for the workplace.

Advanced topics covered will include:

• Working with different materials
• Safe storage and handling
• Job planning and quotations
• Maintaining pipe systems and components
• Design, installation and testing of systems
• Understanding different heating systems


A variety of coursework and examination assessments, allowing you to demonstrate your skills.

There are block work experience weeks available to give you great insight into the industry, helping you understand what’s right for you when you enter the workplace, either as an employee, with a large company or as an independent self-employed trades person.

You’ll love:

The practical block weeks when you can immerse yourself in hands-on training.

You’ll go on to:

Employment as a qualified plumber, on average with a starting salary of £15,000 to £20,000.

A range of specialist short professional courses to broaden your expertise such as our Installation of Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems Award, Installation of Heat Pump Systems or Water Harvesting to name but a few.




Plumbing Studies Diploma Level 3

Start Date

September 2020


Saltash Area


1 year


Alice Collard Self-employed Plumber

Alice always enjoyed practical study and when she finished school she went straight to college to study plumbing because she wanted to learn a good trade. In her second year she got a job with a plumber in Falmouth and this took her through her third and fourth years of college, where she gained multiple qualifications. After leaving college Alice was determined to give plumbing a go on her own and set-up her own plumbing and heating business.

“My job can involve anything from fixing a leaking tap to a full bathroom
refurbishment and I enjoy the variety, you never know what you’ll get
from day to day and it’s always a challenge.”

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